Saturday, 11 April 2009

Civil Partnership.

My male friends are unbelievably gay.

And I don't mean that in a derogative, 'uhh, you're so gaaaayy maaann!' way. I mean it in the 'holy crap, did he just grope his arse?' way.

Granted, they're not your typical macho, rugby playing men who have a bit of bum time in the showers after a match and then go home and wank over their wives back whilst looking in the mirror....but I think they're definitely on their way there.

Here's a little conversation they had recently:

Murat: You're so fucking gay it makes me sick

Jonangelo: hard

Murat: have a wank

Jonangelo: when are you back

Murat: Monday night

Murat: I know
Great isn't it?

Jonangelo: how am i supposed to hold out for that long
do i look like a NUN

Murat: Don't worry, I'll be there soon, and I'll have a free house...

Nina: wwwoooooooowwww, i'm putting that on the blog.

Murat: No fucking way! That's private!

Jonanagelo and Murat are anything but private. Their friendship has slowly evolved into a sordid, gay, heterosexual love affair. Jon's catchphrase is 'Stay FABULOUS!!!' and Murat...well, I've never seen a man 'accidentally' being photographed in so many homosexual situations.

My dream is that one day, push will come to shove and the two will realise that they're actually gay and become an item.

Look how cute they are!

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