Wednesday, 27 August 2008

WET nurse

I read something today about Wet Nursing. You know, when women feed babies that aren't their own. It was rife a few years back, working class women would get posh babies latched on to their teats in exchange for a fee. Contemporary opinion would state that giving a baby someone else's milk is just plain rank. Alarm bells might ring in terms of the psychologically undermining experience for a mother.

Others might howl out that sharing bodily fluids should remain only in the bedroom, with consenting adults. I am quite selective about the latter since I read an article about the dietary effects on cum; apparently dairy makes it curdle and red meat makes it smell like feet. Buyer beware. Unless of course you come from the type of family where everyone was treated to placenta soup after the birth, then it's probably quite acceptable.

How not to nurse.

I'm not in a position to nurse or be nursed in terms of 'breast milk management' but this did get me thinking about how tides of opinion change throughout history and that some things that were once deemed vomit inducing taboos are now considered alright. Personal hygiene or lack of it. Sex before marriage. Homosexuals. Popular opinions on these subjects have done complete 180 degree turn around in terms of whats considered alright and not. So I've decided to keep an open mind on this one.

Me, with my teats out.

Saturday, 23 August 2008


So, me and Klaus managed to get ourselves into the Myspace Secret Shows gig where Soulwax were playing live, showing their new film and also DJing.

Being a massive Soulwax fan I was pretty excited - Klaus was acting all casual but I know deep down he was ready to dance his little short shorts off.

The gig was in the Electrowerkz in's a pretty rank club...very dark, UV everywhere cages to dance in...but quite small, so it was quite an intimate gig, as they say.

So, what a great opportunity for WASTEradio to interview Soulwax...bloody Soulwax!

To calm my nerves I decided to have a pint of white wine (don't judge me, there's no difference between having two glasses of wine separately and just having them all at the same time in a pint glass)...the gig started and me and Klaus were proper 'avin it...then I had another pint of wine, which I then dropped so I ran off to get another one.

2.5 pints of wine in under an hour left me pretty worse for wear to be honest...I had lost my t-shirt and all I wanted to do was sit down.

The only thing we got recorded was the little snippet that you can listen to on the right.

I think it gives quite a good insight into what the night was like.


Visual Pleasure by Dan Wilton

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

WASTEradio at Lovebox

About a month ago, WASTEradio were asked to come to Lovebox to park up Malcome the little red caravan and do a special Lovebox edition of the show.

We made celebrity friends, Klaus made a few enemies (they were just jealous apparently) and large amounts of fun were definitely had.

Our findings our available to download HERE.

Or, you can have a little listen on the mp3 player to your right. Fancy.

Visual Pleasure by Dan Wilton.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Dancehall Tourist.

God help the white (and most probably American) tourist who goes to Jamacia and thinks she can get away with a little booty shake without having the absolute piss ripped out of her.

The legs akimbo catapult really does finish it off nicely.

And in finding that, I also found THIS (please note, I wasn't at home, on my own, searching You Tube for homemade sex simulation videos. I wasn't.):

I have never seen such well choreographed sex in my life. It's quite impressive.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Friday, 1 August 2008

Not quite almost dead.

Yes, we're still here....just recovered from the double whammy of Lovebox and Secret Garden Party....currently editing what we managed to record but for the mean time I shall tell you what you have to look forward to in bullet point form:

- NOT hearing a rap battle between Leathal Bizzle and yours truly because our batteries ran out.

- Klaus challenging Beardyman to a beatbox competition and losing. Hard.

- Record breaking.

- Lots of good music.

- Mongolian throat wobbling.

Photos taken by Jonangelo Molinari.