Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Time for a catch-up, put kettle on and get a biscuit.

SO. Summer if officially upon us (even though the weather now resembles a torrential pissy river of doom).

We're collaborating with AITBF (Adventures in the Beetroot Field) who organise some of the finest live-music events in all the land. We went to STAG AND DAGGER back in May and recorded the likes of Thunderheist, Rusko and Crytal Fighters. On August 1st you'll be able to find us at FIELD DAY doing more of the same, getting the tastiest aural morsels out of musicans and punters alike. We'll be editing these two events together for a 'BEST of AITBF' show...


Next weekend we'll be at SECRET GARDEN PARTY with our spirtual leader Malcome the red caravan. Come and find us! We're so excited we walk around with sodden pants all day. Literally incontinent with anticipation. Expect FUN and GAMES. See below for clues...

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