Monday, 17 November 2008

NO, Irony.

Something I've begun to take real pleasure out of recently.... And I don't just mean Girls Aloud.

Liking things with out a protective ironic disclaimer is fun. It's okay to like X Factor, Girls Aloud, Harry Hill's TV Burp, Estelle, Nandos and R Kelly for example. These are cultural bastions of our time.

A brilliant example is the ironic love/hate relationship WASTEradio has with Banter (with a capital B) that's lads, lager and havin' it large for those who don't know.

One night in Berlin I realised we had lost all sense of irony and WE had become Banter. We went for late night sushi. It managed to decend in to a competition about who would put wasabi in their the end the Showerman obliged and put some on a chopstick and shoved it up his nose.

Cheryl Cole was a dubious character with or without irony for a while with the whole, did she, didn't she racially assult a toilet attendant. Whatever. Have you seen how thick and lustrious her hair is on X Factor?

Anyway, here they are with The Promise.

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