Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Greatest Sleeptalker in Recorded History

It's not so strange to talk in your sleep.
Actually my own disclaimer to newbies in duvets is that I sometimes sleep with my eyes open, and I have a friend who can't get through the night without taking off all her clothes. But Dion McGregor - the greatest sleeptalker in recorded history - redefines the parameters of strange things done in subconscious hours. He was a bit of a nomad, an endearing freeloader who passed from sofa to sofa in 1960's New York, fluttering between attempted careers in song-writing and acting ... but it was the work of his subimagination that has left the greatest mark on the world. Have a listen here, or go to Seventeen Gallery on Kingsland Road, sit in a dark basement painted black and listen to a crackling voice tell you to shove a banana up your ass. It's amazing.

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