Thursday, 5 February 2009

Christian Bale: Club Remix

So latest celebrity gossip is that Christian Bale went mental whilst filming the latest Terminator film. The DP was walking around, so he went off his rocker. The most hilarious thing about the tantrum was his ludicrous accent, which strayed from American to Cockney to, rather bizarrely, Australian. What about your Welsh roots Mr. American Psycho? Though it's true that it must have been fairly distracting to have someone prance around mid-scene, a phrase that Laurence Olivier apparently said to Dustin Hoffman on the set of 'Marathon Man' came to mind. Hoffman appeared on set an absolute mess as he hadn't slept for a few days. He said that this was so that he could get into character, to which Olivier replied "try acting dear boy". 

Clich├ęd film anecdotes aside, the real purpose of this post is that I came across an amusing club remix of the whole episode. Enjoy.

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