Sunday, 5 April 2009

Defteated by technology.

The internet has won, our powers for live broadcasting have lost.

Technology 1 - WASTEradio 0

Only for today though, we're going to employ a WASTEradio techno-geek and keep him locked in a cage until he works out how to get this whole broadcasting live thing a kick up the arse.

To show how sorry we are we have two offerings:

1) A 'Get to know Klaus' Q&A session which you can listen to on the right and download on iTunes.

2) Hot Chip - Defeated by technology.



1 comment:

use said...

hello WASTE. i love you, you make the world seem better in many ways. keep up the good work and that... here is one solution for your predicament.

you also miss-spelt "defeated". erm. yeah. that kinda speaks for itself, but i wouldn't listen if i were you. you're better than that.