Tuesday, 30 June 2009


So, I've just got back from sneaking into Glastonbury. It was fun but not all it's cracked up to be. There are only a few areas which are worth hanging out in and it's so big and muddy that my feet feel like they've been shat and stamped on. Ow.

Apart from the massive slapping fight that me and a few others partook in for about 20 minutes (many of us had bleeding lips by the end of it) the best time I had was watching 2manyDJs play.

It has long been known that I have a mild obsession with Soulwax/2manyDJs.

I pre-ordered the DVD about 2 months before it came out (it was worth the wait) and try to see them at any given occasion.

If you've listened to our report from the secret Soulwax show you'll probably get an idea of how over excited I get at their shows.

Anyway, instead of just your standard DJ set where you're just watching someone put records on they had the album cover of every song that they played with amazing flash animation to add a bit of humour.

But no, no. The piece de resistance was when they exploded huge streamers into the crowd which hung from the ceiling and thousands of bits of confetty that made the whole dance tent look like it was snowing. Wow. My love is confirmed.

Photo taken by Dan Wilton.

2manydjs: o2 academy leeds, 10th june 2009

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