Thursday, 4 June 2009

Arnold's Work Out Plan.

Have you found yourself being a bit more calorie conscious now the summer is coming?

With predictions of a long hot summer you are, at some point, going to have to bare that little bump of blubber that you've developed to keep you warm over the previous winter months.

Gym's are expensive and dieting is too fucking hard, so what are you going to do? Hide indoors whilst all your thin friends are frolicking in the glorious sunshine? Tanned, sweaty bodies writhing up and around each other over another great game of rounders?

No, no. Not you. Because you've got Arnie.

A couple of decades ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger made an amazing audio work out tape to the sounds of Gladis Knight, The Weather Girls and Denice Williams - how hetro can you get?

With the help of the ex-Terminator and Governor of California, you too will be able to have shoulders that 'will be so big you will have difficulty fitting out of the door'.

This is a 13 day plan, so keep checking back to get your next taste of the Schwarzenegger.

WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THE WHOLE WORK OUT PLAN IN ONE EVENING AFTER CONSUMING ALCOHOL - the Showerman got a bit over excited at the thought of being as pumped as Arnie and couldn't walk for 3 days afterwards.

Click here to download Lesson One.

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