Wednesday, 27 August 2008

WET nurse

I read something today about Wet Nursing. You know, when women feed babies that aren't their own. It was rife a few years back, working class women would get posh babies latched on to their teats in exchange for a fee. Contemporary opinion would state that giving a baby someone else's milk is just plain rank. Alarm bells might ring in terms of the psychologically undermining experience for a mother.

Others might howl out that sharing bodily fluids should remain only in the bedroom, with consenting adults. I am quite selective about the latter since I read an article about the dietary effects on cum; apparently dairy makes it curdle and red meat makes it smell like feet. Buyer beware. Unless of course you come from the type of family where everyone was treated to placenta soup after the birth, then it's probably quite acceptable.

How not to nurse.

I'm not in a position to nurse or be nursed in terms of 'breast milk management' but this did get me thinking about how tides of opinion change throughout history and that some things that were once deemed vomit inducing taboos are now considered alright. Personal hygiene or lack of it. Sex before marriage. Homosexuals. Popular opinions on these subjects have done complete 180 degree turn around in terms of whats considered alright and not. So I've decided to keep an open mind on this one.

Me, with my teats out.

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