Saturday, 23 August 2008


So, me and Klaus managed to get ourselves into the Myspace Secret Shows gig where Soulwax were playing live, showing their new film and also DJing.

Being a massive Soulwax fan I was pretty excited - Klaus was acting all casual but I know deep down he was ready to dance his little short shorts off.

The gig was in the Electrowerkz in's a pretty rank club...very dark, UV everywhere cages to dance in...but quite small, so it was quite an intimate gig, as they say.

So, what a great opportunity for WASTEradio to interview Soulwax...bloody Soulwax!

To calm my nerves I decided to have a pint of white wine (don't judge me, there's no difference between having two glasses of wine separately and just having them all at the same time in a pint glass)...the gig started and me and Klaus were proper 'avin it...then I had another pint of wine, which I then dropped so I ran off to get another one.

2.5 pints of wine in under an hour left me pretty worse for wear to be honest...I had lost my t-shirt and all I wanted to do was sit down.

The only thing we got recorded was the little snippet that you can listen to on the right.

I think it gives quite a good insight into what the night was like.


Visual Pleasure by Dan Wilton

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